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Thermal Glassware

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Brewfish Javaale Coffee Press Mug
Brewfish makes perfect press coffee. The super light insulated press filter, double wall thermal glass and drink through top keep your brewed coffee hot. Stir in hot water with your favorite ground coffee beans. Let sit several minutes to brew then SLOWLY press the filter down. Voila! Gourmet Coffee as easy as instant! The "GoodSeal" shuts off the brewing so your coffee stays perfect 'til the last sip. Tilt the top to drink or pour and tilt it back to close. Made of only glass, stainless and the highest standard food safe silicone. Any grind coffee style can be used with Brewfish.  Holds 14 oz brews 12 oz. Microwave save glass, boil water in the glass is OK and top shelf Dish wash for glass and filter.
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