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How To Be A Barista At Home


Here at, you can choose from a huge selection of coffee mugs, travel coffee mugs, stainless steel travel tumblers, ceramic coffee mugs, vacuum bottles and much more.  And what are you going to fill them with?  Well, we have the full line of coffees from Prescott Coffee Roasters including coffees from Colombia, Guatemala, Sumatra, Mexico, New Guinea and more.  But there’s more to coffee than just brewing and drinking.  There’s latte, café au lait, cappuccino…


This is the first in a series of BuzzMug Blog videos on how to make your favorite coffee drinks.  Bookmark us and check back often to see the next in the series.  Or click here to subscribe to our blog and get the latest post delivered directly to your email.


First up, How to Make Café au Lait.  Enjoy.

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