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Julian Coffee Roasters: New Roaster for

| February 4, 2010

The inspiration for today’s coffee blog is in the cup right next to me.  It’s a hot cup of Burundi Bwayi.  Just one of the many new choices of coffee at, courtesy of our new roaster, Julian Coffee Roasters.  We’re excited about bringing Julian Coffee Roasters into the BuzzMug family. At Julian’s state-of-the-art facility […]

Blue Mountain Jamaican Coffee

| February 11, 2009

Best Coffee Maker asked: Blue Mountain coffee comes from the mountains of Jamaica.  Blue Mountain coffee is known for its mildness and a distinct lack of bitterness. Over time, it has become the most expensive coffee in the world, and the most sought after. Besides making incredible brewed coffee, the Blue Mountain coffee bean is […]

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